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Harald Welte ce30830fa9 dahdi: include/dahdi, not include/linux/dahdi 2020-10-29 18:06:30 +00:00
Harald Welte bc0aebf728 update changelog 2020-10-29 16:24:17 +00:00
Harald Welte ca64e15a25 fixup amd64_cloud: no DAHDI 2020-10-29 16:24:17 +00:00
Harald Welte f1178d1233 disable cloud-amd64 2020-10-29 16:24:16 +00:00
Harald Welte 007846d348 move dahdi/{user,dahdi_config,wctdm_user}.h to include/uapi
The userspace related header files need to be in include/uapi, not
2020-10-29 16:24:16 +00:00
Harald Welte cf81848c29 Import DAHDI into kernel package 2020-10-28 16:18:09 +00:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 3df2057e2f Add ABI reference for 4.19.0-12
Gbp-Dch: Ignore
2020-10-19 18:02:20 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 9d76d67cc6 Prepare to release linux (4.19.152-1). 2020-10-18 10:43:18 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 45ce7e081b Merge branch '4.19-stable-updates' into 'buster'
4.19 stable updates

See merge request kernel-team/linux!271
2020-10-18 08:21:59 +00:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 369b7be687 Revert "perf cs-etm: Move definition of 'traceid_list' global variable from header file" 2020-10-17 21:33:14 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 4ecd83f711 Update to 4.19.152
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-12351

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-12352

Cleanup debian/changelog file

Add Debian bug closer for #908712
2020-10-17 21:33:06 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f4bc80e0e6 Update to 4.19.151
Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-10-14 15:30:20 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f9eba01760 Bump ABI to 12 2020-10-14 14:38:49 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 8229f60bca [rt] Update to 4.19.148-rt64 2020-10-12 14:53:54 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 75f7d8b1c7 Update to 4.19.150
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25211

Drop "net/packet: fix overflow in tpacket_rcv"

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-10-12 14:46:02 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso c9dc2f8b08 Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25645 2020-10-09 08:04:59 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 1a4e5bffc5 Update to 4.19.149
Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-10-05 16:19:20 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso ddc8ebc125 Update to 4.19.148
Cleanup debian/changelog file

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25643
2020-10-02 07:15:09 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 2666759d22 Update to 4.19.147
Drop "gfs2: initialize transaction tr_ailX_lists earlier"

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-09-26 21:45:27 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso d9f092067b Add ABI reference for 4.19.0-11
Gbp-Dch: Ignore
2020-09-26 21:31:50 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso de8ad20df5 Prepare to release linux (4.19.146-1). 2020-09-17 23:42:03 +02:00
Ben Hutchings 592267e651 debian/changelog: Add arch-qualification to some stable changes
Various of these fixes only affect specific models or platforms, and
so are architecture-specific.
2020-09-17 20:37:30 +01:00
Ben Hutchings d19ef5f5f3 debian/changelog: Delete some irrelevant stable changes
* We don't ship scripts/decode_stacktrace or scripts/gdb
* Example code doesn't matter much
* We use ext4 to handle ext2 filesystems
* We don't support nommmu configurations
* We don't enable lockdep
2020-09-17 20:35:44 +01:00
Ben Hutchings 196afb7474 debian/bin/ Fix handling of debug info switches
Setting $DEBIAN_KERNEL_DISABLE_DEBUG or clearing the [build]debug-info
config variable should disable generation of debug info and associated
packages.  However the recent refactoring of the handling of such
environment variables resulted in different switches being obeyed in
different places.

Set the build_debug variable based on both switches and then use that

(cherry picked from commit 36f061ce80471a0203c174c4e241b70af913c260)
2020-09-17 19:14:40 +01:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 06c8891774 Update to 4.19.146
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25284

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-14390

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-09-17 17:43:11 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 1fd3bdc2be Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25285 2020-09-13 21:31:03 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 010eaa69fe Update to 4.19.145
Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-09-12 14:31:03 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 73cd5934d8 gfs2: initialize transaction tr_ailX_lists earlier
Closes: #968567
2020-09-11 14:59:52 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f059418fa3 Update to 4.19.144
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-12888

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-14385

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-09-10 21:25:51 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f1d6f7e1f7 Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-25212 2020-09-09 21:13:21 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso a4a0f217d7 Merge branch 'gencontrol-improvements' into 'buster'
Cherry-pick debian/bin/ improvements

See merge request kernel-team/linux!267
2020-09-05 07:55:30 +00:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 0fdf2513b6 debian/tests/python: pycodestyle: Increase max-line-length to 100
Set the maximum allowed line length to 100 as the default of 79 is too
limiting small. Raising the allowed line length to 100 seems acceptable

This addresses autopkgtest failure for the python test since the
refactoring changes for debian/bin/ to factor out the
siable flags for installer modules, debug info and signed code.

Fixes: 9b82c45d67dc ("Factor out installer modules disable flag")
Fixes: 5a2d988f8612 ("Factor out debug info disable flag")
Fixes: 710b1f5b6d8c ("Add flag to disable signed code")
Signed-off-by: Salvatore Bonaccorso <>
2020-09-05 09:18:34 +02:00
Bastian Blank 57f0533e9a Add flag to disable signed code 2020-09-05 09:18:19 +02:00
Bastian Blank 413fadb4aa Factor out debug info disable flag 2020-09-05 09:18:19 +02:00
Bastian Blank 4899f5039c Factor out installer modules disable flag 2020-09-05 09:18:19 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso ad72e888ee net/packet: fix overflow in tpacket_rcv (CVE-2020-14386) 2020-09-05 07:39:12 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 78087d6f60 Update to 4.19.143
Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-09-04 23:26:51 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 321776dd0e [rt] Update to 4.19.142-rt63 2020-09-04 22:10:55 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso a91434eeb6 ACPI: configfs: Disallow loading ACPI tables when locked down (CVE-2020-15780)
This is not a problem for the Debian built binary packages as we do not
enable CONFIG_ACPI_CONFIGFS. Though this is in place in case at some
point this config option would be (unlikely) enabled or for custom
2020-08-29 14:39:14 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 046742d201 Merge branch '4.19-stable-updates' into 'buster'
4.19 stable updates

See merge request kernel-team/linux!255
2020-08-28 11:54:54 +00:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 510a9081a9 [rt] Refresh "Split IRQ-off and zone->lock while freeing pages from PCP list #1" for context changes in 4.19.142 2020-08-28 13:08:38 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 2f6b3a464a Update to 4.19.142
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-14314

Cleanup debian/changelog file

Refresh "net: ena: fix crash during ena_remove()" for context changes in 4.19.142
2020-08-28 13:08:36 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 3ffefa8cda [rt] Refresh "watchdog: prevent deferral of watchdogd wakeup on RT" for context changes in 4.19.141 2020-08-28 12:40:14 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 9d7f237d9b Update to 4.19.141
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19448

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-08-28 12:40:12 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 1d084d7bf4 Update to 4.19.140
Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-08-28 11:18:03 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 4f6097c3e9 Update to 4.19.139
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-14331

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-08-28 10:37:55 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso dca4fea8c5 [rt] Refresh "timers: Redo the notification of canceling timers on -RT" for context changes in 4.19.138 2020-08-28 10:25:00 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f5e1f03364 [rt] Refresh "timers: Prepare for full preemption" for context changes in 4.19.138 2020-08-28 10:12:54 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso 0d4db3fa3f Update to 4.19.138
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2020-16166

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-08-28 09:49:14 +02:00
Salvatore Bonaccorso f380c06f4a Update to 4.19.137
Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19072

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19073

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19074

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19082

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19813

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19816

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-18808

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19054

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19061

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-19067

Add CVE id reference for CVE-2019-3874

Cleanup debian/changelog file
2020-08-28 09:31:46 +02:00