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Christophe Simonis 373539425e [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to c339fcc 2015-01-22 18:43:06 +01:00
Christophe Simonis c339fcc603 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to d5c7234 2015-01-22 18:42:26 +01:00
Christophe Simonis 99024240f5 [IMP] base: avoid useless call to time.strftime()
This will also ease next forward-port 8.0 -> master
2015-01-22 18:27:08 +01:00
Christophe Simonis c75b61d3e7 [FIX] account_voucher: now that currency rates created at installation does not use current year (be33101), tests must create their own rates instead of trying to change default one 2015-01-22 17:19:56 +01:00
Christophe Simonis be33101903 [FIX] base: correct currency rates.
- Do not force creation of rates.
- Using rates of 2010 and storing them as beeing from 2015 is not a good idea.
2015-01-22 16:23:42 +01:00
Denis Ledoux d5c7234474 [FIX] point_of_sale: share is not a dependence of point_of_sale
This reverts commit d970cc40f8.

point_of_sale does not depends on share. This domain can therefore not be applied.
It works for new databases as the module share is auto installed.
But as soon as the module share is uninstalled, this domain will lead to a crash
There is no way to "solve" this issue, other than by a view customization
if the issue is critical for the customer.

I did not pay enough attention when I reviewed the PR.
2015-01-22 15:32:29 +01:00
Raphael Collet 8cd2cc8910 [FIX] models: recompute fields with user admin to prevent access rights issues 2015-01-22 15:32:18 +01:00
Denis Ledoux e9d1d7aac0 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to c5775e5 2015-01-22 14:45:16 +01:00
Denis Ledoux c5775e56d3 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 25f5329 2015-01-22 14:43:06 +01:00
Martin Trigaux 8598231763 [FIX] purchase: maximum recursion when write on minimum_planned_date
Do not write on the function field when you are writing on the function field.

- Now you do know what orders is right?
- I think I know...
- Orders is orders.
- I guess no one ever taught you not to use the word you're defining in the definition.
   ~~Lucky Number Slevin
2015-01-22 14:37:53 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 25f5329deb [FIX] report: break lines and splitted words with reportlab > 3.0
From reportlab 3.0, empty plaintext paragraphs do not lead to a break line anymore.
Before release 3.0, paragraphs having tags but no plaintext leaded to a break line.
This patch aims to recover the behavior of reportlab releases < 3.0, as
<para><font color="white"> </font></para> is used in allmost all rml reports
The current patch is not considered as clean, but we did not find any better solution.
If someone find a parameter to pass to reportlab in order to bring back the old behavior of reportlab
he is welcome to provide the better patch.

Besides, in reportlab 3.0, splitlongwords has been introduced as parameter,
to allow to break long words. The default value is True.
This parameter seems to break the columns headers
(it splits the text within the column header)
We therefore take the choice to not activate it, as it was not present anyway in reportlab < 3.0

To test the good behavior of this patch:
While having reportlab < 3.0 (2.5 for instance), print a draft invoice
Then, upgrade to reportlab > 3.0 (3.1.8 for instance), print the same draft invoice.
The generated pdf must be (allmost) identical, in particular concerning spaces.
Specifically, the space between the partner address and his phone.
2015-01-22 14:23:38 +01:00
Martin Trigaux 9f8731ca27 [FIX] base: backport of 152c5c2 to 7.0
[IMP] base: safer locking at user login

When a users connects, a lock is taken on the res_user table to modify the last login date. If another running transaction uses a foreign key to res.users (e.g. write_uid column), postgres may detect the update as a concurrent update and rollback the transaction.
In pg 9.3, the lock_strength parameter 'NO KEY' allows a weaker lock which is less likely to break another transaction.
Fixes #552
2015-01-22 13:34:19 +01:00
Denis Ledoux dcfd94cbf5 [FIX] orm: Revert 332154444d && acd7d84da4
These revs. introduced an API change in the _name_search method.

Indeed, the 'operator' attribute used to have 'ilike' as default value.
This cannot be changed, as every modules overriding this method
overrided it using the signature with operator='ilike'

For instance, _name_search method of addons/base/ir/
expects having 'ilike' as operator.
As it was not anymore the case,
it leaded to a crash when performing a name_search call on the model ir.model,
like when adding a new custom field to a model, from the web client.

2015-01-21 18:33:36 +01:00
Martin Trigaux 2c99ddc612 [FIX] tools: exec_command_pipe parameters
args is a tuple, do not popen it as it's concatanated with another tuple
in _exec_pipe. This made the "print workflow" method crash.
2015-01-21 18:33:04 +01:00
Martin Trigaux cbd9b46129 [FIX] tools: return data from exec_command_pipe call
Rendering of workflow uses it, returns the pdf data
2015-01-21 18:33:04 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 34de1c0f78 [FIX] web: display error message when export fail. 2015-01-21 17:05:55 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 560f2359a0 [FIX] web: correctly retrieve exception from @serialize_exception
and _serialize_exception as well.
2015-01-21 17:03:54 +01:00
Xavier Morel 5065d5f5b0 [FIX] pointless boms in python files 2015-01-21 16:32:37 +01:00
Martin Trigaux 4f14290670 [FIX] web: rounding of fields
round_precision expects a decimal (e.g. 0.01) while digits contains the number
of digits (e.g. 2)
replace by round_decimals
2015-01-21 16:04:29 +01:00
Goffin Simon d970cc40f8 [FIX] point_of_sale: exclude share users from sale details wizard
2015-01-21 15:39:31 +01:00
Olivier Dony 495ec92251 [I18N] Update translations from Launchpad 8.0 branches 2015-01-21 15:36:54 +01:00
Olivier Dony 39f00b3637 [I18N] Update translation templates with latest terms
Total new terms: 270
Total deleted terms: 82
Total identical terms: 19653
Old total number of terms: 19735
New total number of terms: 19923
2015-01-21 15:31:22 +01:00
Olivier Dony 8ea6ebede1 [IMP] fields: reduce verbosity of debug log for registry loading
This log line is only useful when debugging registry
loading, a limited use case now that Odoo 8 is stable.
It makes the debug log more difficult to read and causes
a small performance penalty when debug[_rpc] is on.
(+0.2s i.e. 10% extra time for loading a registry with 47
modules on a core i5-4200U machine)
2015-01-21 12:53:26 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 8c08efa41f [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to 44b3faa 2015-01-21 12:24:57 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 44b3faa428 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to d7ddd0a 2015-01-21 12:02:45 +01:00
Denis Ledoux d7ddd0a093 [FIX] l10n_be_coda: match counterparty account number with iban format 2015-01-21 12:00:29 +01:00
Raphael Collet 592f1cd229 Merge pull request #4676 from odoo-dev/8.0-speedup_loading-rco
[IMP] models: speedup registry loading (25% less time)

The field setup on models is improved: only new-api fields are determined when building the model's class; the final _columns dict is derived from the fields once they are set up. This avoids setting up fields and columns at the same time, and finally overriding columns with the result of field setup.

This branch also fixes the model setup in general: with the former code, a model could be introspected while it was only partially set up, and not all its fields were known.

It incidentally fixes the "loss" of parameter partial that is necessary when loading custom fields. And during a partial setup, one2many custom fields are not introduced if their counterparts (model and many2one field) are not ready.
2015-01-21 11:29:05 +01:00
Raphael Collet 431f8de815 [IMP] models: prepare the setup of fields at one place only 2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet 54c655cb71 [FIX] models: do not introduce a one2many manual field if its inverse is not on its comodel 2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet cf26f7ed80 [IMP] models, registry: let the registry retrieve manual fields from database 2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet 5d7bba4eb7 [FIX] loading: move code that should not be executed on simply installed modules 2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet 6c29af3fa5 [FIX] models: init function fields once columns are known and not before 2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet 5fee95ca63 [FIX] models, fields: reorganize model setup to retrieve all inherited fields
The model setup sometimes misses entries in _inherit_fields and _all_columns.
This is because those dictionaries are computed from parent models which are
not guaranteed to be completely set up: sometimes a parent field is only
partially set up, and columns are missing (they are generated from fields after
their setup).

To avoid this bug, the setup has been split in three phases:
(1) determine all inherited and custom fields on models;
(2) setup fields, except for recomputation triggers, and generate columns;
(3) add recomputation triggers and complete the setup of the model.

Making these three phases explicit brings good invariants:
- when setting up a field, all models know all their fields;
- when adding recomputation triggers, you know that fields have been set up.
2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Raphael Collet 2f06adde9c [IMP] models: speedup registry loading (35% less time)
The field setup on models is improved: only fields are determined when building
the model's class; the final _columns is computed from the fields once they are
set up.
2015-01-21 11:26:23 +01:00
Adrien Peiffer 37e85a1e35 [FIX] view form: Use digits to round float values on client side 2015-01-21 10:38:32 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 124e476943 [FIX] google_calendar: do not strip bools
myself.cal_client_id could be False, when not filling in the according field in the general settings screen.
Therefore, trying to strip it won't work, as boolean do not have such method.

Regression introduced during rev. faee926f1b
2015-01-20 18:46:03 +01:00
Aaron Bohy 9c8c534c19 [FIX] Packaging: RedHat: prompt overriden in docker
RPM packages did not pass the tests because the centos prompt changed
and thus did not match the regexp anymore. We now explicitely specify
the prompt in our Dockerfiles to prevent such issues.
2015-01-20 17:39:14 +01:00
Simon Lejeune e40a6fd325 [FIX] tools: pass env in `exec_pg_command` 2015-01-20 17:36:20 +01:00
Simon Lejeune e901fa20e4 [FIX] web: don't shadow exception in do_backup 2015-01-20 17:36:19 +01:00
Aaron Bohy a911265c12 [FIX] Packaging: RedHat: prompt overriden in docker
RPM packages did not pass the tests because the centos prompt changed
and thus did not match the regexp anymore. We now explicitely specify
the prompt in our Dockerfiles to prevent such issues.
2015-01-20 17:35:34 +01:00
Olivier Dony 62aa07c7e3 [IMP] badges for docs, help, nightly 2015-01-20 17:21:38 +01:00
Denis Ledoux c73be555bf [FIX] website_sale: product attribute, value, price ACLs
When a model is regarded as public readable, no group should be set on the ACL,
to allow ANYONE to read the model, not just the users within the public group.
2015-01-20 16:55:52 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 68f3ed6569 [FIX] crm: convert to opportunity, avoid overwrite user defined action default 2015-01-20 16:37:57 +01:00
Martin Trigaux 79e01f0f4d [FIX] gamification: fetch results is a tuple 2015-01-20 16:15:10 +01:00
Martin Trigaux ec0c0f2973 [IMP] gamification: performance improvement
Reduce the number of goals that are recomputed. Remove the goals for users that
did not connect since the last update.
Add sql query for faster lookup and restrict on user table
2015-01-20 14:42:56 +01:00
Martin Trigaux fb8dc5793b [FIX] gamification: translate string 2015-01-20 13:57:10 +01:00
Xavier Morel b2415473de [REVERT] typo should be fixed in the source text, not in the POT
Revert of ffff4981f4.
2015-01-20 13:29:18 +01:00
Denis Ledoux 23da42d5a0 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to dd72d15 2015-01-20 13:25:53 +01:00
Fabrice Henrion ffff4981f4 [IMP] Typo
closes #4784
2015-01-20 12:45:51 +01:00
Denis Ledoux dd72d1537f [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to fb4c822 2015-01-20 12:21:52 +01:00